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Nanny Salaries and Placement Fees

There is a $100* consultation fee  for choosing our Agency. Our nannies receive a weekly salary based on a guaranteed number of hours.  *Salary is negotiable to be higher based on education level, position offered, number and ages of children. We are different than any other Agency, because we will not ever charge a nanny replacement fee, inquire at time of consultation. 

We accept American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, 

Travel Care

Planning a Trip? Need a nanny to accompany you while traveling? 

 Let us help with your childcare while you travel. Our unique travel care accommodates families with all their travel planning.


Engagement/ Wedding parties

Big Day is coming? Let us help in planning arrangements for this special occasion. This is an important  journey in life  and we want to help make sure that this is a beautiful day to remember!

Corporate Events

Holiday Party or Event @ work?  We can provide services for all members of the office.  Let us help with your childcare plans, so you can enjoy the evening celebrations.

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Seasonal Care

School is Out!  Whether it's for spring, summer, or winter break. Nannycare R' Us can provide seasonal care to assist families temporarily.

Short-term/ Long-term care

We offer both Short-term or Long-term live-in or live-out care. Families may need to hire a Nanny to live-in full-time and or part-time 

(12+ months Long-term)

(1-8 months Short-term).

Emergency / Weekend care

Nannycare R' Us offers one day or three-day weekend care.

What our customers are saying

Thank you for providing such a professional service .

Ron - Las Vegas, NV

Nannycare R'Us  is a lovely organization, thank you for helping us find a great  nanny .

  Samantha, Los Altos, CA

"Best services I ever had. Professional, courteous, and kind staff. Accommodating too!!!"

Janette- New York, NY

"Nannycare R' Us is a winner!!!"

Andy&Phyllis- New York, NY

It was so nice meeting Nicole, I really appreciate your service... You're awesome!!! Keep up the good work!

Valeria - Allentown, PA

We are a Budget-Friendly Agency 

  Live- in Placement 


$30-$35 hour ***

Live -In Care


 Full-time  Care

Travel care ( Flat Rate )


Full-time Placement

36-40 h​ours

$18.00- $20.00***

Weekly Care


-Summer Vacation


-Winter Break ( Flat Fee**)

**Includes Agency Fee & Nanny Salary 


Part-time Placement

8-32 Hours

$14- 17.75 ***

Weekend  Care

 Emergency Care

Transportation Services

Event  Care​